In early 2022, the AMWA Carolinas Chapter was contacted by students in Duke University’s Remote Access Medical organization who were looking to gain experience in medical communication through collaborating with the Chapter. Three students – Amy Fulton, Sonia Gazula, and Elle Strand – volunteered to create content for the Chapter website and have written the following articles that engage with the themes of healthcare and medicine in the local and global communities.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions outlined in the following articles are solely those of their respective authors and do not reflect the views and opinions of AMWA Carolinas.

  • In the Back of the Ambulance: What You Might Not Know About EMS

    In four years working in emergency medical services (EMS), I’ve spent time in the back of countless ambulances, in the front seat of a few fire trucks, and in plenty […]

  • The Future of Emergency Medicine Response to Substance Use Disorder

    When I became certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT), I didn’t quite anticipate the range of responsibilities I was taking on. I was prepared for the flashing lights, the […]

  • What is trauma?

    Trauma comes from a Greek word meaning a physical wound.1 The term stayed true to its origins for centuries and was used primarily in reference to physical injuries. Around the […]

  • Dental and Medical Insurance: An Argument for Integration

    In the United States, dental care has always been separated from medical care, even though oral health and general health are intertwined. Oral health plays a part in ailments such […]