Sponsorship of this conference is a great local public relations opportunity, an ideal place to recruit new writers or freelancers, and an important way to support the education initiatives of AMWA, a nonprofit organization.

To become a sponsor, please complete our Sponsorship Payment Form.

Once you have submitted payment, complete our Sponsor Benefits Form so that we can provide you with the perks listed below!

For Freelance Sponsors (at only $25!), you will receive:

  • Company listing, logo, and description on the conference page
  • Logo on conference materials and communications

Corporate sponsorship opportunities for the 2023 AMWA Carolinas Conference are being offered at 3 levels:

At the $100 Silver level, your company will receive:

  • Company listing and logo on the conference home page at www.amwacarolinas.org*
  • Listing as a sponsor in conference advertising (examples: logo on conference-related emails, conference announcements on Twitter, and LinkedIn posts)
  • Highlighted sponsor slide in opening remarks and between sessions

At the $250 Gold level, your company will receive:

  • All offerings at the $100 level
  • Your company will be listed as a sponsor in our conference advertising, and any information you provide (such as job announcements or company info) will be made available to all participants
  • On the conference home page, a link to a company-specific landing page containing a 75-word description about your company and 1 job posting through the end of May 2023
  • 1 complimentary conference registration

At the $500 Platinum level, your company will receive:

  • All offerings at the $250 level
  • 1 additional complimentary conference registration
  • Up to 2 additional job postings through the end of May 2023
  • On the company-specific landing page, ability to upload corporate collateral and handouts and a “Contact Us” feature with option to list multiple company representatives
  • Opportunity to speak with conference attendees prior to conference start and during breaks (eg, during a breakout session for a virtual conference or at a table in the atrium for an in-person conference)

*Display of company logo will be sized proportionately with level of sponsorship.

Please feel free to contact treasurer@amwacarolinas.org for more information if you are interested in corporate sponsorship for this AMWA event.